How to remove tree stumps and plant grass?

How to remove tree stumps and plant grass?

There are different size stump grinders ranging in power from 5 to 100 horsepower. Most smaller stump grinders only grind to ground level. If you want to plant grass after having a tree stump removed, then the stump will need to be grinding at least 6" into the ground. You will need to fill the hole with lime and dirt. Lime decreases the soil acidity and helps grass seeds sprout. Be sure the tree service grinds the above-ground root system, "Chasing the Roots."

  • ASK EACH TREE SERVICE - How deep do you grind the stump and do you remove the root system?

Our Carlton SP7015 Stump Grinder has a 27" cutting wheel powered with 60 horsepower, grinding down 12" - 15" into the ground with a 70" cutting arc. It is the most powerful self-propelled stump grinding. Its runs on tracks and can fit through a standard 36" gate, with a minimal damage to grass.

Stump Grinding produces a large amount of wood & stump chips. All wood chips will need to be removed before planting grass. Trees are acidic and any wood chips in the ground will prevent grass from growing.

  • ASK EACH TREE SERVICE - Do you remove the wood & stump chips?

Stump Grinding estimates generally do not include removing the wood & stump chips. Most tree services don't include removing wood & stump chips in the price of stump grinding. There may be an extra charge for removing all the wood & stump chips. Removing the wood & stump chips can take up to 5 times longer than just stump grinding and will generally triple the price. Otherwise, stump chips usually take 2 - 3 years to decompose.

  • ASK EACH TREE SERVICE - Do you fill the hole in with dirt & plant grass?

Some tree services may also offer to fill the hole with dirt and lime, then plant grass for an additional charge. Trees and wood chips deplete the soil of nitrogen. If not completely removed, the decomposing organic matter will produce mushrooms and rob nutrients from newly planted grass seed. A Nitrogen rich fertilizer may be added just in case.

The acid that trees produce lower the pH balance of the soil preventing grass or anything else from growing. The pH of the soil can be tested and lime added to increase the pH level. Pine trees and pine needles produce more acid and hence more lime will be needed. The best option is to continue adding small amounts of lime every few weeks and then periodically testing the soil.

It may take up to a year before grass sprouts assuming area receives sufficient sunlight. We recommend consulting with a landscaper who specializes in growing grass in difficult conditions for best results.

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